Tuscan’s Room- Done!

I put the finishing touches on Tuscan’s room and for now, it’s done.  So, it’s gone from this:


To this:

Whole Room

He’s happy with his big kid room, and so am I!

I found this awesome star marquee at Home Goods for $80 that I put over Tuscan’s bed since he doesn’t have much of a headboard.

Star Marquee

He’s my little supa sta (said in the voice of Mary Katherine Gallagher), so I thought it was fitting that it should go in his room:

Star MarqueeI really liked the wooden crate that was supposed to just be packaging, so I mounted that first, then mounted the star on top of the box making sure to drill into studs as much as I could since I didn’t want it to crash on Tuscan’s head in the middle of the night.

Here it is all lit up!!!
Lit Up Marquee


Close Up Lit Up MarqueeAhhhhhhh….

BTW, I saw the same one at One Kings Lane for $110 more…  Shame on you, OKL!

I also got five RIBBA shelves from IKEA that were just the right depth.  Tuscan’s closet door opens into this wall so I needed something that was shallow and these shelves were perfect:

RibbaIt’s actually a picture ledge but for my purposes, it works great:

Wall Book Shelf

Wall Book Shelf and Closet

See, the closet door juuuuuust misses it.

When Tuscan and Trajan shared a room (which they did all their lives until we moved to this house), they had a “T” in their room that is really the only decorating item that I saved from their baby room.  The original one went above Trajan’s bed, but I found a similar one at Michael’s that I painted dark blue and put on his shelf.

Close Up T

The “22” is Tuscan’s soccer jersey number and I whittled it out of wood I cut down from the back yard.

Ha, just kidding, I found them at Michael’s.  I may be currently job seeking, but I haven’t taken up whittling yet…

Close Up 22

I also put up some roman shades from PBTeen:

PBTeen shadesFYI:  A few days after I placed the order, I got an email from PBTeen with a 15% off coupon code, so I called PBTeen and they did a price adjustment for me since it was within a 30 day window that I placed my order.  They’re really good about doing that.

Tuscan also got a new duvet cover and sham from Company Kids that they are no longer selling.  It was their cargo bedding.  PBTeen has something very similar if you’re on the hunt for that same look.

The rug is from RugsUSA that is going back to them ASAP!  It’s a nice looking rug, but so uncomfortable to walk on.  That teaches me to get a clearance rug from them…

Whole Room

The only other piece that I’m missing in his room is a PBTeen bean bag that is on backorder:


Other than eventually filling the second cubby with medals and mounting it above the one Tuscan already has, this room makeover is done!

Tutorial on How to Display Kids’ Medals

Tuscan has racked up a lot of medals with swimming, running, and soccer and he wanted them displayed in his room somehow.  Previously, they just kind of hung from random spots… off door knobs, off trophies, off his bedposts, but I wanted to show them off in a way that he didn’t have to hunt all over his room for them.  So, while rummaging through Home Goods a few weeks ago, I picked up a couple of display boxes that I’ve seen at lots of places (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, thrift stores to name a few) thinking at the time that I could some SOMETHING with them, but I didn’t know what exactly.

Display Box

So they sat in my basement storage for a few months then as I was thinking about re-doing Tuscan’s room, it hit me that the cubbies were the perfect size to display medals.  So, out of storage they came and after thinking of the best way to rig the medals for maximum viewage (that’s now a word 🙂 ), here’s what I came up with:

You need:

  • Wooden dowels
  • A glue gun
  • Command Strips
  • A display box
  • Scissors
  • Medals!
  • Something to cut the dowel into pieces (I used my miter saw)

Medal Project Supplies Collage

First, I measured about how long I would need my dowel pieces to be by just placing a medal in one of the cubbies and measuring where I wanted the medal to eventually lie. I recycled an old drying rack by using the dowels from the rack which is why my dowels look a little rough but they’ll be hidden from view so ugly doesn’t matter.  If you don’t have an old drying rack just lying around waiting to be upcycled, Home Depot or Lowe’s has dowels and if don’t have a miter saw, they can cut the dowel into pieces for you if you have the measurements beforehand.

After cutting all the dowel pieces, I cut a velcro Command Strip into little squares, then put them together, velcro side together, and stuck one side to the medal and one side to the dowel.  I used Command Strips because I didn’t want to damage the medals with glue and the Command Strips just peel right off if and when I take the medals out of the cubbies.  I also thought that if Tuscan wanted to change out the medals, he could just pull apart the velcro from the dowel and medal, stick another velcro square on the new medal, and stick it back onto the dowel.

Dowel with Command Strip

Then I hot glued the other side of the dowel to the back of the cubby and positioned the medal where I needed it to be before the hot glue dried.  If the dowel is not long enough, you can remedy that problem by sticking on a Command Strip square or two (in my case three sometimes) then glue the command strip to the back of the box.  That actually worked better since there was more area on the square to glue to the box than there was area on the dowel (hope that made sense!).

I then tucked in all the ribbons so that they could provide an interesting background:

Before and After Collage

Repeat for all the medals and that’s it, you’re done!

I bought two of these cubby boxes so that I can add more medals to the count.

Medals and Dresser

It was a super easy project and I love the way it turned out!  It’s just one more thing to add to Tuscan’s room to make it more “Tuscan.” 🙂

FYI:  I know it seems like I was compensated by Command Strips since that was the main ingredient to putting this puppy together, and I used that phrase, “COMMAND STRIP” about 50 times in this post, but I wasn’t.  I just really like them and use them all the time.  I also like typing “COMMAND STRIP” and asking my husband to pick up “COMMAND STRIPS” from the store.  “PICK UP SOME COMMAND STRIPS NOW!”  End FYI.


Tuscan’s Room Renovation- The Mural

Last we left the suspenseful Tuscan room transformation, I had painted his room and ceiling and now the saga continues…  seriously, his room is almost done and I’m super excited about that!

I mounted Tuscan’s soccer mural on wood panels:

Completed MuralWe also pulled one of the bunk beds that we have reserved for guests from the basement to use in his room until he needs more storage then we’ll get him a storage bed.  For now, his clothes are still little, so we’ll wait.

Whole Room

(Hi Bandit!)

My husband also re-mounted Tuscan’s red shelves that we got from Pottery Barn Kids ages ago.  Those store all of Tuscan’s trophies and ribbons from soccer and swimming.

Back to the mural… I wanted the mural to pop from the wall a little to give it some dimension so I mounted it on plywood, then I mounted the plywood on 4×4 blocks.

First, I ordered a mural that had a sticky backing (like Fatheads do) so that I could just stick the mural to my wood.  Then I figured out what 3 equally sized pieces of the mural would be if I were to cut it into thirds horizontally. With those measurements, I went to Lowe’s and bought 11/18 inch plywood that I had one of the associates cut into 3 equal pieces matching my dimensions.  I had leftover pieces of plywood that I used for wooden blocks (more on that later).

I cut my mural into thirds using an Exacto knife and a straight edge.  I taped these 3 pieces to the wall where I wanted them to go.  I then got out my stud finder and marked all the studs with pieces of tape, measuring to make sure that they were in the right spots (16″ on center from each other).

Marked Studs

I cut eighteen 4×4 blocks out of the leftover wood that I had and made blocks out of them by drilling holes through 2 at a time.  I used 2 blocks stacked on top of each other since only one layer of wood didn’t make the mural stand out from the wall enough.

Block with holes

I drilled three blocks for every panel where I marked my studs.  The blocks didn’t have to perfectly line up with each other since the panels would cover them, but I did need each of them to hit the studs which they all do.

9 blocks

After that, I mounted the first piece of panel on the blocks making sure to countersink the screws so that they didn’t pop up through the mural.


With all three panels mounted, I just stuck the pre-cut mural pieces to the wood and used a squeegee that my husband had on hand to apply his iPhone screen protector.  That thing worked great for getting out any air bubbles.

Half Finished

And viola!  I was done.

Wall Mural

The only problem that I encountered is that the wood grain of the wood shows through the mural since the mural fabric is so thin.

Wood Grain

Tuscan says that he likes the wood grain showing since it looks like clouds and it’s only on the lighter portions of the sky, so I’m going to leave it, but if you want to avoid that problem, paint the wood panels white first.

I still need to go back and use a wood rasp to get rid of any wood that is still showing around the perimeter of the mural but that should take a few minutes tops.  It will give the panels a more finished edge since some of the mural pieces are off by a hair.  You can avoid that with careful cutting!

I’ve ordered Tuscan a navy rug and roman shades as well as some new bedding, a beanbag, and some shelves for his books.  More on this room soon!

Tuscan’s Room Renovation- Progress

Since getting the metal locker furniture from the model home clearance center, I had to come up with a plan quick to renovate Tuscan’s room.  I only like to have one, maybe two projects that I’m working on at the same time otherwise things fall to the wayside at home (dishes and laundry pile up, the dogs go hungry, the kids go hungry, etc…) and I was already working on the dining room and my bedroom when I stumbled across Tuscan’s furniture.  My garage can only hold so many projects-in-waiting so Tuscan’s room had to be a quick and dirty renovation.  Besides, I told myself that I can’t go to the clearance center again until I wipe one project off my list and Tuscan’s room is it!

Tuscan loves soccer and plays on a high level travel team, so he wanted his room to be sports themed with an emphasize on soccer.  He didn’t want it to be “too soccer” though since he might pick up another sport soon.  He’s got great coordination (he rode a 2 wheeled bike at three as well as frequently scaled to the top of a frighteningly tall lamp post outside our house at four), so whatever sport he tries, he’s good at- at least that’s how it’s been so far so I’m sure that more than just soccer is in his future.

He wanted a mural in his room like his brother and after looking at this inspiration photo, I decided to mount a mural on wood panels to give it some dimension:

We found just the mural he wanted at Great Big Canvas:

and blew it up to the biggest size they had (which was a little on the small side but still something I could work with).  So, with that as a starting off point (in addition to the metal locker furniture) we picked out a wall color for his room.  Tuscan really likes playing outside so I wanted something kind of light and outdoorsy in his room.  I thought that since his mural had lots of green in it, it’d be nice to have the wall color be a blue color since blue and green reminds me of a happy sunny day.  So we headed to Benjamin Moore, our go-to paint store, and after talking to the super helpful color specialists there, we picked out a few testers and painted them on the wall.

Paint Testers

That bottom green color is a tester for my dining room, please ignore 🙂

Tuscan wanted a baby blue color (the bigger swatch of color), but I knew that he’d regret that in a couple years when he thought it was too baby and I refused to repaint so soon.  So, I persuaded him to go with a medium tone blue in the same family.  Like a bonehead, I was tired of testing colors so I just picked a blue that was two shades darker than what he wanted and it was way too dark.  Because I got a full gallon and I’m a cheap@$$, instead of getting another gallon, I took out about a quarter of the paint and put it in a big Ziplock bag then mixed in white paint that I already had in the garage with the three quarters of the paint that was left.  I wanted to keep the “baggie” paint handy in case I accidentally went too dark, then I could just mix some of the original dark color in.

I mixed the blue and white until I thought I had the right shade then tested it on the wall and did this a few times until I had the right color.  By the end, both Tuscan and I loved the color!

Room with RugIt’s a really pretty blue-green in the Jamestown Blue family.

Jamestown Blue

And as usual, the scope of the project increased when I tried to fix the nail pops in the ceiling.

Nail Holes

Which I did, then I painted the otherwise perfect ceiling with ceiling paint that I had on hand and the shades of white did not match up so I had to paint the entire ceiling with two coats of Behr ceiling paint.  Seriously, it was a pain in the rear because I hate painting ceilings or more specifically, my neck and arms hate painting ceilings.  Also, if I had known that I would have to paint the entire ceiling, I would have done that first, then I would’ve painted the walls so that I didn’t get accidental drips of white paint on my newly painted walls that I had to re-touch.


Enough complaining… Now the ceiling is nice and white, the walls are a beautiful shade of blue, and I have to put the room back together to include:

  • Finding a rug
  • Getting and installing roman shades (curtains are too much in this small room)
  • Finding a solution for all of Tuscan’s books
  • Getting some soccer related accessories
  • Finding bedding
  • Finding a bed!
  • Remounting Tuscan’s red shelves

The room is coming along though.  As a comparison, here is Tuscan’s before room pic.:


And his after:

Room with Rug

Sparse I know, but we’re getting there!

Hanging Egg Chair

I finally hung Trajan’s IKEA egg chair in his room and he loves it!  And, I like how the gray and red tie into his room beautifully.


Egg ChairThe installation wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be, but I did have to make a Home Depot run to get the huge eye hooks for the ceiling and luckily I picked the right ones the first time (that doesn’t always happen!).

Egg Chair Hardware

I had to go into the attic to find out where the joist was to screw the eye hook into.  The attachment had to be really secure since I know Trajan isn’t going to be the most gentle in the thing.

After I measured where the joist was relative to the recessed light that was also in the attic, I just measured the same length from the recessed light in Trajan’s room to the point where the joist was supposed to be.  I then drilled a small hole in the drywall just in case I miscalculated.  I didn’t want to patch up a huge hole.  Thankfully, I hit the joist so I drilled a much bigger pilot hole and screwed the eye hook in.  I had to put a screwdriver in through the eye hook and use that as a lever to screw the hook in all the way since it was tough to do otherwise.

After I installed it, I tested it by hanging on it super gently at first then adding more weight until I could hang on it without my feet touching the floor.  I’m confident that if f it can hold me, it can hold my 11 year old!

Trajan helped me a lot by bringing me tools, steadying the ladder, and generally being my “gopher,” but for the last portion of the installation, he was downstairs taking his piano lesson and told me, “Don’t let anyone sit in it first, okay???”  I didn’t, even though I was tempted to sit in it first to give it a “dry run.”  I’d rather fall on my rear and fix it then for him to fall on his then think that his mom actually isn’t the best egg chair installer ever, but I resisted the temptation.

He ran upstairs after piano and immediately sat in it (and didn’t fall–> important!) and he had a big smile on his face.  That’s what I wanted to see!

Egg Chair Dresser

The only thing left to do in his room is to paint his window frame and door. That’s only about 2 hours worth of work, then his room is D.O.N.E.!

Trajan’s Room- Inches from GOAL!

Trajan’s room is progressing.  As much as I’d like to say, “Stick a fork in it, it’s DONE!” I can’t because I’ve still got a few more things to knock off the to-do list.  I did cross off a few items on the list though, hence the “progress.”

Fathead for wall near bed

Wire shelving for above bed

Paint door and window frame white (still need to do)

Install a hanging chair near closet (still need to do)

Of course, I’ve saved the things that are the most time consuming for the end (can we say “procrastination?”).

Trajan's Room FinalThe fathead is up and of course Trajan wanted a Ravens player and who best to be up on your wall than Ray Lewis?  Although, I personally wouldn’t want to wake up with him yelling next to my head every morning, but that’s me.

Trajan also wanted a hat rack since he’s really into hats at the moment so I came up with this:

Trajan hat rackIt’s just a football sign that I found at Hobby Lobby for like $20 or so and I got the wood rack part from Target for about $15.  Put them next to each other and, viola, we’ve got a customized football hat rack.  It’s not fancy, but Trajan really likes it and it’s functional.

Lastly, since I have a PB credit card and spent way too much money on Trajan’s room at PBTeen, I got a rewards certificate that I spent on a wire rack for above Trajan’s bed (it was freeeeeee with my certificate, but it’s normally $100).  His bed doesn’t have a headboard but I wanted something other than more pictures/artwork and although he’s got plenty of storage in here now with his storage bed, more never hurts!

Trajan Book RackThe letter “T” has been in his room since he was a toddler so that had to stay.  I got that from PB Kids a while back.

Next on the list is putting up that hanging chair near his window and I have to make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold at least two wrestling boys without falling.  I got the chair from IKEA and am thinking of dying it red or green since it’s currently a whitish color because with two boys, it won’t stay white for long.  Hopefully I can get that done this weekend!

Ikea hanging chair


Trajan’s Football Room

My eleven year old son, Trajan, is such a sweet kid.  If I come back from the grocery store, he immediately helps me unload the car and put away the groceries without being asked.  If I’m even starting to get grumpy, he asks me what’s wrong and tries to kick me out of my bad mood.  When Butterball was hit by a car a month ago, he saw the whole thing, but wouldn’t tell anyone in the family what he saw because he didn’t want us to feel even sadder than we already felt.  He wanted to shelter us from that because that’s the kind of person he is.

In short, if anyone deserves to have a cool room to chill in, it’s this kid, especially with what he’s been through lately.  He wanted a lot of input in the room so I told him how to put together a Pinterest board and he gathered a bunch of ideas for his board so I had a clear idea of what he wanted.

His room started like this:

Trajan old

Trajan wanted a football themed room and we found the bedspread and football mural from PBTeen.  The bedspread was the jumping off point for the wall color.  I got about 6 samples from Benjamin Moore of mostly grays but also some blues and gave Trajan the choice.

I learned with decorating Sofia’s room that it’s best for them to come up with the “theme” of the room then to give them pre-approved (by me of course!) choices based on their “vision.”  At first Trajan wanted a different color on each wall- blue, red, orange, and black- and he wanted those colors to be NEON (except for the black, although that would be a neat trick!).  After I told him that his bedroom is supposed to be a place where he goes to relax and get away from the craziness of his family (except for me who he wants to hang out with 24/7 since I’m so cool), he agreed that having a more mellow wall color was best.  So, Trajan picked a nice medium gray tone for his walls and it looks great!

Trajan room view

I scored a side table from Target clearance and paid $15 for it.  It ties in so well with the locker platform bed which is also from PBTeen.

Ttrajan lamp

The lamp is from IKEA and that was one of the things that Trajan said had to stay.  I really wanted my childhood gum ball machine to stay so it did:

Trajan candy jar

Trajan dresser

We got rid of Trajan’s short dresser since it was falling apart and because of that, we needed storage so the bed we got is perfect.  It’s a platform storage bed with bins that resemble lockers that are tucked under the bed on three sides.  It provides a crazy amount of storage.

Trajan locker 2

Trajan picked out this rug also from PBTeen that is navy, and shaggy, and so BOY!

Trajan rug

And here is the wall mural that Trajan picked out:

Trajan football mural

There’s still some things that need to be done to the room for it to really be finished:

Fathead for wall near bed

Wire shelving for above bed

Paint door and window frame white (the paint is chipped currently)

Install a hanging egg chair near closet (this should be pretty involved since I have to add a brace to the ceiling for it to be super sturdy)

Stay tuned!