How to Not Kill Plants

I actually don’t know the answer to that great mystery of how to not kill plants because every time I plant my flower beds in the Spring, I kill half of of the flowers guaranteed.  But, I still plant every year and hope, hope, HOPE, I won’t kill all my plants.  Every year a few remain so in a few years I’ll have a nice full flower bed…right???

Here is what the beds looked like before planting:

Before Front and Front Before front side Before Side Before front

There’s actually supposed to be A LOT more plants in there since I planted a butt load of perennials last year but I guess they didn’t take… again.  Oh well, I persist.  After my mad dash to the local nursery, dropping $400, and wasting $200 with my soon to be dead plants, I laid out the plants where I thought they should go:

Plant placement

Then I planted:
PlantedI spaced the plants a little further apart than I’d like to see initially only because I’m hoping that they’ll fill in as the summer passes.

Planted Side

In previous years, I went to either Home Depot or Lowe’s and bought my flowers there.  This year I went to a local nursery and talked to someone who knows what’s what about plants and after I explained my situation (I’m a plant killer), he recommended some hardy plants that were not only deer resistant and shade tolerant which I needed but also pretty idiot proof which I desperately needed.

He also recommended some deer spray that actually doesn’t smell like rancid cat urine.  It smells like mint instead 🙂 .  I sprayed it on EVERYTHING!  I followed the motto that if a little is good, a lot is even better.  With the amount that I applied, my flowers, house, street, and neighborhood should be deer free.

The kids and my husband are applying mulch for Mother’s Day (I love hard labor as a gift!) and they have 7 cubic yards of it, so yeah, they’ll be applying mulch for two days straight.

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  1. I think you going to a local nursery is probably the best thing to do. They are always more then eager to help. Also make sure the plants are in the right amount of sun needed. And water if you are in a dry area. We live in WI where even in the summer we get some rain. But if there is two days of no rain I always go an water my newly planted plants. And any in a pot of bucket. I hope this tip might help. Just discovered your blog and I can’t wait to read more!

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