Finishing Touches in the Family Room

It’s so nice to look at a room in your house (when it’s not a hot mess from the kids), and think that it’s exactly how you want it.  That’s how I feel about our family room… I may want to change everything in a few months, but for now, the family room finally feels like “us.”

I’ve been searching for a chair for the corner of the room for a few weeks now and couldn’t decide between something with a lot of color, like this:

klyne-chair-and-a-half or a neutral option.  I opted to go safe and leave the color for the accessories.  I also didn’t want to spend too much on the chair since really it’s more for decorative purposes than for meaningful seating since we have such a big sectional, so I checked the usual budget options (IKEA, Home Goods, Pier 1) and found what I needed at Target.

Target Chair

I also bought a side table from West Elm:

west elm table

Here is what the family room looked like when we moved in (minus the paint swatches, we did those):

Full Living Room

Notice the stained carpet, mustard walls, red brick on the fireplace, the mis-sized furniture, the gold fireplace insert, and the list goes on and on…

Now it looks like this:

Room Wide Angle

Side Chair

I still need to add a throw for the chair and a few accessories for the top of the gold and white box so this corner of the room is still looking a little sparse.

This is the little desk on the other side of the room where Tuscan likes to play on the computer:

Tuscan at Computer


Little Desk

I was really hoping to put the side table next to the chair by the fireplace, but it was too wide so… next to the desk it went.  It’s such a cute table that I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the room.

And here is the bookshelf behind the couch (that still needs baskets on the bottom two shelves):

BookshelfAnd one more shot of our giant sectional that I love so much!:

The room is now bright and airy and just the way I like it!

I still have a small to-do list for this room, but I’m not in a hurry to get them done:

  • Paint the ceiling (really, really not in a hurry to do that)
  • Expand the mural wall since our couch is so much wider now
  • Find a storage cocktail ottoman for in front of the couch
  • Get a new blind to replace the one on the left side of the TV (there just isn’t enough wall space for curtains unfortunately)
  • Get four baskets to go on the bottom two shelves of our bookshelf (I want to dip the bottoms of the baskets white)
  • Get a colorful throw for the chair and also some accessories for the gold and white box next to the chair

Next on the list is to tackle installing new light fixtures… like 10 of them… Sigh…

Craigslist Find

Finding items on Craigslist for far below retail can be exciting and an affordable way to furnish a home.  I hate paying retail for something that I know I can get at a discount and also I like the idea of reusing something that would otherwise be considered “trash.”

I had a nook in my family room where I wanted to put a desk but the desks that I found online were just too big, so I thought I’d head over to Ana White’s site to find some plans to make my own desk.  Of course I found what I was looking for but with the holidays, I put off the project.  At the same time, I did my regular check on Craigslist to find out what was out there and came across the PERFECT desk for $75 (much cheaper than even building a desk).  So, I grabbed my husband and we checked it out.  It was just the right size but had a few scratches on the chair that came with it, so the seller knocked the price down to $50 which was great!

Here is the nook before the desk (and before the installation of the  baseboards):


And here it is with the desk:


The desk opens up which we don’t use that often since we use a laptop which just sits on top of the desk.  But here’s a shot with the desk opened up:


I added a 3×5 area rug that I picked up from Target to help with scuffing the new floors.  I think it goes well enough with our “Y” rug but I’m still on the hunt for something that goes better.


I’m happy with my find since I got a desk AND a chair for $50 and didn’t have to break out all my tools and spend a couple hours making a desk.   The size and look are perfect as well as the price.  Score!

For ideas on how to find the best deals on Craigslist, YHL has a great post.  I’d also add that everyone has their quirks on what they won’t buy (used mattresses!) and will buy on Craigslist and I personally don’t buy upholstered furniture on Craigslist since I have kids and dogs and I know how gross upholstered furniture can get.  Besides, I am a major germ freak which definitely plays into that!  That being said, I know lots of people who do buy used couches and chairs from Craigslist and that are super-happy about their find.  It just depends on you!  Happy Craigslisting!