Ten House Projects for 2022

Jan 11, 2022 | Basement, Garage, Kids Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Master Bedroom, Office, Powder Room, Whole House

We have so many big plans for 2022 and I can’t wait to get started (I actually already have)! I have a ton of personal goals for this new year, and I wanted to memorialize our home goals to keep me accountable and to also see how many we actually end up doing in this next year. I have some pretty big items on this list so these are definitely aspirational but also do-able. So, without further ado, here are the 10 projects that I’m hoping to complete this year.

1. Remodeling the Kitchen

First up is the major renovation of the kitchen.

We did a quick makeover and painted the oak cabinets a dark green color to tide us over until the full renovation. But, the kitchen is falling apart a bit. The paint is scratching off in some places so I definitely have to do some touch ups. A lazy susan in one of our upper cabinets has stopped working (it’s EXTREMELY lazy 😆). The stove doesn’t fire up anymore unless you turn the gas on and use a match to light the burner. The stove vent motor runs constantly and I had to unplug it so we don’t have a vent. The fridge is tiny for the space so we don’t have enough space.

Those are just the things that don’t work or are not functional for us. I haven’t even touched the aesthetics or the lack of cabinet space or how the flow is wonky. So, long story short, this summer the kitchen is being remodeled.

I’ve been pulling inspiration photos from different sources and although I don’t yet have a clear idea on what I want yet, it’s staring to come together.

For now, I’ll keep pulling inspiration photos and also saving as much as possible (it’s going to cost a ton!), while interviewing kitchen designers in my area to work with.

2. Painting and More in the Primary Bedroom

I said that in this house, we WILL NOT leave the primary bedroom for the very last room that we remodel. So, it’s on the list for 2022.

, , , , Air Purifier,

I have to be honest, I painted the room after we moved in and I hate the color! It’s a perfect color for a boys room, but not for our bedroom. And, we also removed an old television (remember the prior homeowners left us 9(!)), from the sitting room, so I have to paint anyway. We also need a headboard or we might even get a poster bed since the ceilings are so high. A bench with storage at the end of the bed and better fitting side tables are also on the list. And maybe some type of wall treatment on the ceiling or on the wall where the bed is. I’m still working this out in my mind as you can tell!

3. Making the Primary Sitting Room Cozy or Installing a Laundry Room in that Space

Our bedroom has a sitting room that is now being used a television watching space/treadmill room. Although I’m not opposed to those actives in the space, I’d like to reconfigure things to make it a cozier space to hang out in.

Alternatively, a friend mentioned moving our too small laundry room to this space since our bedroom is plenty big enough without the sitting room and installing a 4th bathroom where the laundry room is currently. On the top floor, we have 3 bedrooms that share a bathroom and although that’s not terrible, it’s also not ideal. It makes more sense for the biggest kid bedroom to have an adjoining bathroom. So, we have options for this space and we just need to figure out what we want to do here.

4. Installing a Beautiful Vegetable Garden

I can’t tell you how much joy I get from being outside tending to plants! As a kid, I would spend my babysitting money on mail order bulbs and plants to grow in my parents’ garden and I haven’t outgrown the obsession. Last year, we moved in the middle of summer so I didn’t get a chance to get my hands dirty, but this year, I’m starting my planning now on a big vegetable garden. I also love the idea of a greenhouse in the future to extend the growing season but that’s not for this year.

No Source Information unfortunately, but this is my DREAM garden!

5. Finish the Study

Currently, the room is a catch-all for furniture that we moved out of the way to put up our Christmas tree and also for ongoing projects for the non-profit that I head. But we did start remodeling the study late last year when we scrambled to turn it into a guest room/study for Thanksgiving guests. We painted and also bought a sleeper sofa so that the space can do double duty. I moved a rug in the room to give it more warmth. So, we have a good start, but I’m scratching my head on how to deal with the dated looking builtins. That’s something I’ll figure out when it gets closer to the time that this room is on deck.


6. Renovate the Powder Room

This is going to be a fairly big project as the walls currently have thick tile and the sink and toilet would have to go also. It will mostly be a gut job (with the exception of the floor which was recently installed). But… as you can see from the photo, unless you really like bathrooms in the style of “Olive Garden chic,” the bathroom needs an overhaul badly!

7. Build Bookcases in the Office

It’s no secret that the office is my favorite room in the house. It’s the ultimate sophisticated but cozy room and I love working in there. But, as with other rooms on the main level, it’s lacking in storage space. So, I’d like to remedy that by building built ins using Billy bookcases by Ikea. I’ve seen so many people try this hack and the results always look custom and classy. I’d also like for the built ins to have space for files so that we can move the filing cabinet out.

Rug, Bar Cart (similar), Gemstone Globe (similar)

8. Make the House more Energy Efficient

Our house is drafty! Because we have a ton of windows with a 2 story great room, and hardly any attic insulation, our energy efficiency is not great. I’d like to start with blowing insulation in our attic like I did years ago at our last house. It was such a messy project and at our last house, I ended up installing too much insulation which made our top floor an oven in the winter. I won’t repeat that mistake this time around though.

I also want to install weather stripping and to caulk all drafty windows. I’ll also pull all exterior outlets and use spray foam to make them not as drafty. I’ve already bought the materials necessary for this small project and plan on doing that this week.

9. Make the Home Gym “Cool”

Okay, so this is one that my kids want added to the list. To up the cool factor, their list includes adding mirrors to the walls of the gym, adding padded mats to protect the stone floors (I’m in favor of this one!), and adding some type of cooling system since the space is not connected to our central A/C or heating. They also want lights around the perimeter of the ceiling. Interestingly, this space used to have a lap pool in it but the prior owners had it removed when they installed the pool outside. I like the having the gym here and the pool outside a lot more!

10. Organize and Slightly Remodel the Garage

Our garage needs some organization help! It’s a three car garage so there’s a ton of space but we need to use the space more efficiently. I’d like to install overhead storage as well as organize, clean, and paint the space. The ceiling also has some sagging and cracking so I’ll address that as well.

A Little Secret…

So, I have a little secret… I haven’t posted any photos of our basement, except for the home gym. We have one. But, it was purposefully renovated by one of the prior owners to look like a castle. We call it the dungeon. I’d like to renovate it soon, but as the craftsmanship of the space is top notch despite the crazy style, we’re going to keep it as-is until our youngest graduates from high school in 2 years. So, alas, it’s not on the list for 2022. But here’s a little peek at the space. When we decide to fully renovate, I’ll share a lot more photos and all the details of course.

oh yeahhhhhhhh!

So, that’s our list for 2022! It’s ambitious. I’m hoping that we can complete most if not all of these projects but really if we just complete the kitchen, I will be a happy camper!